Come together songs from different cultures
African songs, canons
SingGames & Vocal Painting
Circle songs, music that is created in the moment
Body percussion, clapping, snapping, stomping, patting, enjoyable body music using the entire body.
Ghanaian drumming and drum circle with drums, rattles, bells and other percussion instruments.
Rhythm games of the world: to promote coordination, concentration and communication
Focus: clapping games and games to pass on
African dancing to live music accompaniment.
We work in plenary sessions and in small groups.

Course leaders

Sarah Rieker: Choir conductor, singer.

In my work as vocal-coach, TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher, singing group leader and choir director, I accompany people on their way to developing their voices, experiencing the healing and energising power of singing and finding (back) their rhythmic primal knowledge.
With intuitive singing and instruments rich in overtones (harmonium, n’gouni harp, berimbau, frame drum, crystal singing bowls, zaphir / koshi, flutes), I create sound journeys in which lightness, relaxation and immersion in the innermost source of our being can be experienced.
More information about my work:

Francis Baffoe: Choir conductor, singer, drummer, dancer...

Francis Ekow Baffoe was born on 15 May 1985 in Winneba, Ghana. His passion and talent for singing led to him being the first Ghanaian to be selected to join the World Youth Choir as a bass singer. He also received a scholarship from the World Youth Choir for two seasons (2007 in South Africa/Namibia and 2008 in China/Macau) and participated in a music festival in South Korea sponsored by IFCM and the in 200ß.
He conducts the "Akoo Show Choir" in Ghana, which has won several awards in Africa as "Ambassador of Traditional African Music"

Rolf Grillo: musical globetrotter,

certified rhythmics instructor, actor, music educator specializing in Rhythm-Games, Voice & Percussion, Music and Movement, Circle Music, Improvisation, and Team Development. Various study trips took him to Ghana, Burkina Faso, Brazil, Trinidad Tobago, New York, Portugal, and New Zealand. Author and co-author of award-winning multimedia books ’Rhythm Games of the World’ and ’Caboomba - from Body to Instrument.’ He heads the Rhythmics & Percussion Institute in Freiburg.
"It’s about vibrant learning, human growth, and mindfulness in connection with others. I aim to encourage people to step out of their hiding places, motivating them to unfold their potentials."
The three share a passion and joy for music and movement, the interplay of structure and freedom, and curiosity about "what emerges in the moment!"


Course times
Date: Friday June 21 - Sun June 23
Course times:
Friday June 21 18:30 - 21:00 Opening Session, also bookable separately
Saturday June 22 9:00 - 13:00 Lunch break 15:00 - 18:00 Break 19:30 - ca. 21:00
Sunday June 23 9:00 . 13:00 Lunch break 14:00 - 16:00
Course fee: 240,00 Euro, reduction on request
The course fee includes the documentation of the training in text, sound and images in a password-protected internet forum as well as the rental costs for the course room and the communal kitchen.
Opening session/Friday evening: 20.00 euros, already included in the course fee for course participants.

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