After 2011, the book “rhythm games around the world” was published, it got a very positive response and demand for further education training in this area has increased steadily.
A successful player needs rhythm skills at various levels to be active. These skills can be bought in our training. From basic course for beginners through to training for rhythm playing teacher, or to the rhythm game educators you will find a wide, professional training & education here. In addition, there is the possibility a customized training or an impulse Workshop perform in your institution / facility.

Overall in the world, whether in Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Australia, rhythmic games can be found in which rhythm is the main connective and challenging element. It can be a very positive thing to experience rhythm with others. While creating rhythms with others, a group will form and when everyone becomes involved, the “groove” starts. An intense feeling of being in the here and now arrises, a magical feeling which makes time stand still and the game starts to play itself.

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