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The sounding box
of cardboard


Lively, muliculturel rhythm theater

Welcome to our homepage!

The central theme of our work and research is active learning with music, voice and movement.
The institute of Rhythm & Percussion was founded in 1989 by Florcita Birtner-Gesslein † and Rolf Grillo. It offers a wide array of courses for children, teens and adults.
Groups, establishments, companies, institutions and individuals from any field of interest are professionally counseled and advised on solutions to meet their specific needs.
Rhythmic is a method which integrates the connection between music, movement and language to encourage personal development in individuals.
Rhythm is a natural concept which can regulate time and space thereby giving life dynamic quality and tranquility.
Percussion has the ability to craft this space artistically using percussion instruments.
Rhythmic & Percussion follows the old traditional beliefs which tell us singing, ringing and dancing are elemental and necessary forms of expression.

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